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Focus on Learning

The learning objectives of the Ramah SDA Junior Academy are embodied in the Desired School-wide Learning Outcomes (DSLOs) which are embedded within the curriculum.


Ramah SDA Junior Academy students will be:


I.                    Positive growing Christians who:

        Apply moral and ethical principles

        Grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s purpose for their lives

        Reflect God’s love

        Commit to a life of service

        Are literate in biblical and theological content


II.                  Effective Communicators who:

        Read for details, understand contextual clues, recognize main ideas and predict outcomes

        Express themselves clearly and correctly in written communication

        Listen, interpret, and respond appropriately

        Demonstrate a command of language in speaking

        Apply technological skills in communication


III.                Productive and Responsible Citizens who:

        Demonstrate multicultural sensitivity by recognizing, respecting and celebrating the diversity of others

        Adhere to school and societal rules

        Respect themselves and others

        Positively participate in a democratic society and engage in community activities


IV.               Problem-solvers who:

        Utilize higher level thinking skills to analyze and solve problems in a systematic and logical manner

        Apply and transfer knowledge to real life situations using critical thinking skills

        Understand mathematics principles and utilize mathematics principles and skills in analyzing and solving problems

        Apply technological skills in problem-solving


V.                 Self-directed, lifelong learns who:

        Demonstrate a strong work ethic

        Gain a knowledge of a wide spectrum of careers and understand their educational and/or training requirements

        Assume responsibility for continued growth—academically and socially

        Develop an appreciation for visual, performing, and literary arts

        Accept personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining optimum physical, mental, and spiritual health


Focus on Character


The character development objectives of Ramah SDA Junior Academy are embodied in the following:


Ramah SDA Junior Academy students will:

I.                     Respect and reverence God

II.                   Respect and protect themselves

III.                  Respect and protect others

IV.               Respect and serve the community

V.                 Respect time and property



Established 1914 to Train the Heart - Head - Hands