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The Home and School Association is organized to unite the home and school in their cooperative endeavor to provide Christian education for the children of the church and the community.  It is an adult organization composed to parents and guardians, school personnel and the constituency.  Every parent or guardian holds membership in the Home and School Association.
Objectives of the Home and School Association
The primary objective of the Home and School Association is to develop and improve relationships between parents and teachers.  The H&S Association may enhance the relationship by activities such as the following.
1.  Providing instructional resources
2.  Encouraging frequent communication between the home and school
3.  Encouraging parents to visit the school
4.  Encouraging the teachers to visit the homes of the pupils
5.  Appointing room mothers and room fathers
6.   Providing volunteer services as requested by the school
Home and School Meeting Dates
2010-2011 School Year
September 23
Parents' Workshop
Brenda Stokes, Facilitator
October 21
(Program:  TBA)
November 18
Career Fair
(Facilitator:  TBA)
January 17
Science Fair
(Facilitators:  S. Albert, J. Bell, L. Phillips)
February 24
(Program:  TBA)
March 24 (not a regular meeting)
Parent-Teacher Conferences
April 21
(Program:  TBA)
Home and School Leader
Ms. Melody Pryor
(Mother of Omari Hendrix, Grade 2)

Grades 5 & 6 (2009-10)

School Board Member, Elder Moore, does his part.

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Coach Albert organizes students for a scrimage.

Grades 2, 3 & 4 (2009-10)

Oh, What a Beautiful Smile!

Ramah, Our Home away from Home

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